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Thread: 2 digit led display shows 60

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    Default 2 digit led display shows 60

    My bustled Fiery model X3ety connected to my Xerox 250 is showing a led window code 60.
    It is there on rebooting. Have switched off several times and unplugged but as soon as I switch on the 60 comes up.
    Thanx in advance
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    have you contacted xerox?


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    Turn off the main power switch on the IOT.
    Wait till lights on the Fiery go out.
    Remove power lead to the IOT from the wall. No power to the device.
    Reseat the SCSI cable from the Fiery to the IOT. Both ends.
    Ensure both DIP switches on the Fiery are set to OFF.
    Plug in power lead. Turn on machine.
    See what happens. From memory LED should display 00 when Fiery is happy.

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