First let me say that Fiery JobFlow is one of the best tools EFI has created to manage PDF print workflows, and the support is incredible
Many thanks to Hans, Sankar and the rest of the developer and support teams for creating and always improving a beautiful product.

As with all software products, we all want more stuff...
So here is my beginning wish list:

Workflows list on left sidebar:
Make Sortable
Make Searchable

Make folder heirarchy simpler or with options
Make all locations available to all Rules

I created a 'Prepress Preflight' workflow for all of our prepress users
I would like a Rule that if preflight Fails, either Move job or Copy job to:
S:\Preflight Failed
JobFlow won't allow Move or Copy access to that location - only to other workflows
The only way to get the Failed job to the Preflight Failed SMB location is to use Archive job.
Which creates the following path to the file:
S:\Preflight Failed\Fiery JobFlow\JobFlow_user\_archive_processed_jobs\Prepr ess Preflight