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Thread: Archiving on a network drive - multiple user problem

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    Default Archiving on a network drive - multiple user problem


    I am using Command Workstation 5.7 along with an IC-413 Fiery and a Konica c6000.
    In the last 12 months, my Fiery HD has failed twice, thus losing all the archives I had on the internal drive. Archives are important to our business so I now want to store the archives on a network drive with a daily backup.

    It was pretty easy to set up the archives to be stored on the network drive. However, we have 3 computers using Workstation and accessing the same Fiery. If I archive files from computer A, I cannot go on computer B and drag the files from the Archived tab to the print queue. I can however go to File… Import archived task and then select the file and it will go in the print queue (which is really not convenient with 1000+ archived files).
    The same thing happens backward (If I archive on computer B, I cannot easily access them from computer A).

    It does appear to be something related to privileges/network rights but my network appears to be properly configured (computer A and computer B both have enough access to the network drive and one or another computer can modify the files on the network). Furthermore, I can retrieve the archived files from the File menu but not directly from the Archived tab.

    Did anyone experienced something like this or has any clue as what I should look into?


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    Hi ludovic,

    The trick is to save your archives to a network location, and mount that network location as a mapped drive (using the same letter) in Windows, on each of your computers running Command Workstation (CWS).

    So computer 1 maps a drive, Drive G: to \\servername\share
    Computer 1 now archives files to Drive G in CWS.

    Computer 2 wants to access the archives.
    So on Computer 2, map Drive G: to \\servername\share.
    Now open CWS on Computer 2, and the file archived from Computer 1 should be there in the archived tab.

    I added some more notes in the thread below.

    Let me know if any further questions,


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    Thanks a lot!! That fixed the problem.

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