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Thread: Pad Printing logic seems backwards

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    Default Pad Printing logic seems backwards

    Just wanted to provide some feedback on the Pad Printing function that exists on some Fiery's.

    The way it works is completely backwards from the way I'd expect it to work.

    To me, I would think you tell it the total number of copies you want in the Copies field, then use Pad Printing to tell it how many copies per pad you want, and it does the math for you like this:
    10,000 copies
    50 copies per pad
    = 200 pads spit out

    What I found, is that it works quite obtusely. To actually produce 10,000 sheets in sets of 50, I have to do the math for it (10,000/50 = 200), and enter it this way:
    200 copies
    50 copies per pad

    My $.02

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    That's funny but unsurprising, because EFI has always made you do the math.

    Similarly, if you need 500 copies of an 8.5x11 piece but you set the job ticket for 2-up, you need to do the math and set the quantity to 250--that is, the quantity of printed sheets.

    Another RIP manufacturer does it the way you say, which makes perfect sense.

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    I disagree with OP. It works as I would think. I tell it how many pads, and how many sheets per pad. Most people don't know they need 10k sheets, but they need 200 pads of 50.

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