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    Default JobMaster - Tab Settings

    We have 3 pc's at work that all use JobMaster, but only one of the terminals can have the tab sizes edited. Is there a setting somewhere that would allow for this change to be made? There are 4 other settings that cannot be altered either, but they seem to be ok once the lead edge was changed.

    We have a bank of 5 tabs, offset from the lead edge by 0.5". On 2 of the terminals it will not let us edit the lead edge from 0". See the image for the number I am indicating.Name:  Tab Settings.jpg
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    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

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    Can you tell us which version of Command WorkStation and which Fiery model and version you are using?

    Is the same version of Command WorkStation installed on all three PCs?

    Do all three PCs connect to the same Fiery or are they connecting to different Fierys?

    This information will help evaluate the issue.

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