I followed the procedure for installing patches, but the patch ID does not appear in the System Update Log. This is the first time I have performed this procedure. The Server is a E100-01, SW System 9e Rel2, Version 1.0. It is bustled to a Xerox 7545. After the procedure, when I print the job log, previous patches show the User as System_Update, while the patches I attempted show the user Owner (which is my laptop login ID). However, I login to Command Workstation 5 as Administrator.

1. Make sure that the Fiery is Idle.
2. Import the patch fileusing Command Workstation to the Direct queue.
3. Wait until the file finishes processing and CWS or LCD show Idle. This ensures the patch file is completely processed.
4. From Command WorkStation, choose Server-> Reboot Server, or from the Fiery LCD, select Shut down -> Reboot System.
5. Wait until the Fiery comes to Idle and print the configuration page.
6. Verify that the System Update Log contains the patch number.

Instead of installing the update, the printer prints the postscript commands. What am I doing wrong?