Hello Everyone,
I'm working with a customer who has a Xerox Versant 80 with the integrated Fiery and he's using Virtual Printers. Across all 3 of his Windows OS' (Vista,7,2012) these mapped Virtual Printers constantly ask him to update his print drivers. If this were only 1 OS or another doing this than I could research that particular version of Windows for a fix but this is happening across 3 different code base's so that's making me think that this is something to do with how the Fiery is sharing these printers. Some additional information from my customer is below.

I found that if I open the “Printers” page on Windows (either 7 or Vista), then F5 to refresh, the Status changes to “Driver needs Update”. By clicking on each printer, the status then changes to Ready. It is easier to do this, then I know my first job will actually print instead of throwing an error.

If you have any idea why this is occurring and you can offer any suggestions to correct this please let me know.