Not all the time, but it's still crashing.

My environment is a little unusual, though: I have CWS installed in one user account, but I also switch to a different user account periodically.

I use CWS *only* in the first user account, so it's not a matter of using EFI software between accounts. BUT: the only time I see efiLINQ crashed is when I switch back from the second account over to the first account. That's the first window I see.

I never see it crash or crashed if I stay in the first user account, no matter what I do--screen dark, sleep, close the lid, etc. If I stay in the first account and wake everything up, it's never crashed.

I might say that it crashes only when I've used the second user account, closed the lid to sleep, re-opened it and logged back into the second account, and then switched back to the first account.

Yes, current CWS5.