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Thread: Fiery x12 DC12 Fatal Error!

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    Default Fiery x12 DC12 Fatal Error!

    Hi, as of a few months ago I have not been able to enter into the properties window when I right click on a job in the "Held" section, or any section for that matter and then scroll to properties. Every time I have tried this I have gotten this following error:

    "Fatal Error!

    PPD or PDD was missing!"

    I have already tired rolling the software back to Command Workstation v5.3, still the same results.
    My set up is as follows,
    • Windows 7 64bit
    • Command Workstation v5.3 &5.7
    • DC 12 Printer
    • Fiery x12 v1.1 SP1

    This is a recent problem, and I am well aware of the fact that the printer and server is no longer supported. Does, or has anyone ever had this problem and been able to sort it out??

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    Try performing a clear server then reboot. Clear server will delete all files on the RIP.

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