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    Default Welcome to Fiery API forum!

    Welcome to Fiery API Forum!

    We hope you'll find helpful information here and developers to exchange tips and tricks of Fiery API.
    The forum is to:
    • Obtain answers from EFI's Fiery API Team.
    • Learn Best Practices to maximize the productivity and use of Fiery API.
    • Connect with a community of Fiery API developers.
    • Share your experiences with others and Fiery API Team.

    At, you will be able to find our latest information of Fiery API including:
    • Getting started guide: this page describes how to get your Fiery API evaluation key and production license, as well as how to make sure latest Fiery API component is properly installed to your Fiery servers.
    • Documentation: this page has our latest list of API commands and key attributes available for you to use with your app.
    • Sample codes: check out our sample codes in C#, Ruby, JavaScript and Java.
    • F.A.Q. : this page has list of frequently asked questions.

    Explore create, and most importantly, have fun!

    Fiery API Team
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    Default Login

    Hi Guys, I'm a bit of a newbie at programming but i am using Postman app to create my API calls for, however i cannot get the password. Where do i find or set the password for the server? i get this response at the moment, which i believe is the password not the username or key being wrong.
    i have tried the password being blank but this is the response, username set to guest.
    "authenticated": false,
    "error_code": [
    "fiery": false



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    Hi Charlie,
    Thank you for your interest in Fiery API!

    You can not set password for "Guest" account and you shouldn't need entering password just like you login from Command WorkStation, though we wouldn't recommend logging in as Guest using Fiery API.

    To enter/change attributes, you need to use JSON object or multipart/form-data.
    So with Postman, the easiest way is to do:

    POST https://YOURFIERYNAME or IP address/live/api/v2/login

    Then click "Params" next to it. There you can enter parameters required for login so:

    key: accessrights value: your evaluation key
    key: username, value: Guest
    key: password, value:

    Or, you can select "Body" tab in Postman and select "form-data" then do the same thing above.

    If it doesn't work then try logging in with other account such as "admin" so in this case

    key: username, value: your Fiery's admin password

    We hope this helps. If not, please contact us again!

    Fiery API team

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