Hi Guys,
Im printing some VDP 4x6 postcards.
I have a static background image that I have to merge with a multipage PDF with transparent object and text created from Photoshop.

I created my Master page using impose and save it as PDF (no big deal). Then I created my imposed Cut & Stack PDF from the multipage document using the same template to match the position of the Master.

I loaded the Master into FreeForms assigning all the properties needed for printing and preview it on screen....it looks perfect.

The problem is when I assign the same properties to the multipage VDP PDF and using the Master for the static background the transparent object leave a white box and the background is not visible at all.

I tried several things:
Optimize RGB transparency
Composite Overprint
Remove white PPT background
I mean...everything I can think of.

Can you guys help me?

I have a Xerox 770 with Fiery EX770 and Fiery Graphic Art Package ver.1 System 10