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Thread: Transparency issue with FreeFrom VDP - Fiery EX770 System 10 - Xerox 770

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    Ok, I did try using CWS 5.7 and I end up with the same transparency issue.

    I try both options: Imposing and saving as PDF and .dbp without any luck.

    I also tried doing the relationship 1up first and then the impose as Adam suggested and same bad results.

    I did try what StarDigital suggested and same results.

    What its weird to me is that if I combine the Master and VDP in InDesign it works, but since there are 40,000 records my processing time of the file is WAY longer than trying to use FreeForms.

    Attached are two PDF: the static background and a 9 record PDF with transparent back and 1% black text if you want to take a look at it.
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