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Thread: Finishers Not Showing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott_W View Post
    Your options:

    1.) carry on as you were, without the "new" finishers

    2.) Look for a used, and working v3.0a IC-303 or IC-305. If you go this route, support may be a rel problem for you. You should discuss this with your KM dealer as they *may* be source of support for the IC-3xx

    3.) Purchase new Fiery controller with new matched engine (IC-413 and C7000?, IC-415 and C1070?, for example)

    I going to get a used fiery server then. Will any other models work beside the IC-303 & 305, I have a local guy who has a IC-306 available? Thanks so much for all your help, it's very much appreciated.

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    Only v3.0a IC-303 or IC-305

    Any other Fiery won't recognize your C6500

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    Default Similar problem


    I am experiencing a similar problem in that my CWS does not match the finisher attached.
    Could you please tell me if my embedded controller supports the finisher?

    Hope you can help!

    Kind Regards

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