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Thread: Mac printer setting and windows server

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    Default Mac printer setting and windows server


    We have recently taking on a new Rich C5100S with a Fiery E22B. We have set up multiple logical printers on a Windows 2012 R2 server and have configured default presets on each logical printer. For example, one printer uses tray 2 and has 250GSM whereas another printer has tray 3 and uses a different weight. We have then shared these logical printers with different names such as Ricoh-Tray1 and Ricoh Tray2.

    We have then set up the Macs to be able to use these printers however, they do not honour the settings that have been configured on the windows server. If we use windows pc's they do.

    we do not have the virtual pc add on for the fiery. Is there anyway to accomplish what we want? At the moment the mac users have to keep going in to the printer settings every time they want to print something and it is causing some issues.

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    Default Mac uses CUPS for setting defaults

    For setting the printer defaults on your Mac, you must change the settings in CUPS (the Mac print subsystem). This is a computer by computer operation, I don't know of a way to push this to a group of Macs.

    CUPS is accessed via web browser using the URL localhost:631

    There is some good info here. They are not setting defaults for a Fiery printer, but it gets you to the right screen and you should be able to set your desired defaults.

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