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Thread: EB-32 Controller: Presets gone and cannot create new

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    Default EB-32 Controller: Presets gone and cannot create new

    Ricoh Pro 8100
    EB-32 Fiery Controller v1.0
    FS100 Pro
    Patches up to date
    CWS 5.5, and 5.7

    In the Device Center>Workflows>Job Presets, all previously saved presets are gone. When selecting "New", entering a title, and clicking "OK," an error pops up: "Unknown Error Occurred." And from the driver at CWS, I do not see any new workflows populate the workflow list when I save as "Server Preset." This is the second time this behavior has occurred at this site; the first time was corrected by reimaging.

    When I attempted to import from the workflow>job presets interface, it wants to import a ".fjp" file, with no option to import .xml. I cannot find a .fjp file on the EB-32, I can only find the "Preset.xml" file that is created from the driver "Save as Server Preset." Any ideas? I'd like to solve the problem, rather than reimage every other month.

    - Brad
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