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Thread: Printing to Hold queue does not generate print jobs in CWS

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    Default Printing to Hold queue does not generate print jobs in CWS

    Ongoing issue where CWS appears to connect correctly to Fiery controller and I can drag a document from my Windows desktop to into the CWS Hold jobs, but printing to the Hold queue nothing happens. Have test printed from hold queue driver and its a no go. Have printed direct to printer and that's ok. Have logged into Fiery controller and it looks ok. Have installed Hold and CWS on a 3 different computers and it does work like it should on any PC.

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    please give some details: Computer hosting CWS; Servers and Printers you are experiencing difficulties with, Version of CWS, Mac/PC (OS version) etc. Also please give a step by step of what works and what doesn't. Any error codes/fault codes? Does the file end up in the printed queue with a flag and not a check. CTRL + Right click brings up error report (windows) some moderators might need that along with server config if this isn't solved simply. Check to make sure you have the latest patches and updates for Fiery.


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