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Thread: Command Workstation on Fiery RIP hanging in import job window

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    Default Command Workstation on Fiery RIP hanging in import job window

    Hi. I have a fiery EX-P 2100 attached to a versant 2100.
    It is running Command Workstation

    When I use the import job function from the file menu, the import job window opens but it hangs and won't respond and won't allow me to choose what folder I need to import the job from for about 20 or 30 seconds. It basically freezes the whole computer temporarily. Then it seems to refresh the import job window and it starts working normally, and I am then able to browse for files in the import window as normal. This happens almost every time I try to import a job so it's quite frustrating. Sometimes the hang continues indefinitely and I have to force quit command workstation and reboot.

    We store our files for printing on a windows small business server. We also have a fiery EX 700 running an older version of command workstation and it imports jobs without any problems so the issue is specific to the EX-P 2100. Any help on how to fix this issue would be much appreciated! Thanks.
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