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Thread: imagePASS Controller Daylight Savings Time

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    Default imagePASS Controller Daylight Savings Time

    Can anyone tell me if a daylight savings time patch will be issued for Canon imagePASS controllers? I see one was issued for Xerox controllers but do not see any yet for Canon. It would be great if a patch is issued with enough time before the next DST hits so that drivers can be updated.

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    Default DST issue persists

    I hate dredging up old threads but this is still relevant. We've been affected with this twice a year since 2014 at least. I was hoping I had a handle on it based on this link:

    We migrated to a 2012 R2 print server, all the latest drivers on the client and the print server, latest DST patches on every endpoint and had a tech out to make sure the fiery devices were patched but alas it still affected our users. I have a call into our copier rep to find out if there is a patch. They said there is and would be providing a link to us shortly, but wanted to see if you had received any reprieve from this either. The drivers we are using are the ImagePass B2 revisions from 2015.

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    Hi tweberis,

    DST issue was fixed in Fiery Driver 5. Please check the download center for an updated driver for your engine, uninstall your old driver using Fiery Printer Delete Utility (Windows) or Fiery Software Uninstaller (Mac) and then install the new driver.

    Please give it a try and let me know if you're having any issues with DST still.


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    You may need to use the command line to run the printer delete util in an enterprise environment.

    The good news is that the current version of the Window Printer Delete Utility can be run from a shared location so it doesn't actually need to be installed on each client system.

    Here is a link to the instructions for running the printer delete util from command line;

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