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Thread: eXpress not finding Canon printer OS X 10.10 and 10.9

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    Default eXpress not finding Canon printer OS X 10.10 and 10.9

    I've recently upgraded a copy of efi eXpress 4.1 to 4.5 and purchased a second copy. Where we'd not had problems running the software or any significant issues on early Apple OS versions nothing is currently working as expected (hoped) to the point where one machine running 10.9 is crashing on start up after having installed Canon ipf 6300 drivers, where the previous week and running an Epson 7800 everything was working fine.
    A second computer, a more recent i5 imac with 16gb of RAM is running the efi software happily, but eXpress is not detecting the Canon printer in any way, despite the fact I can print to it through the system dialogue or photoshop. This machine is running the original dongle for 4.1 using the upgrade and is photo/proof. All printer connections are local USB.

    This is all a bit of a problem as they're for a University photography course where the print deadline is in the very near future and I'm starting to get some stressed out students banging on my door.

    Can anyone shed some light on to why this might be or do I need to wheel out the old mac and license and see if I can get that running again for now?


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    After further messing around with the 10.10 Mac it seems the problem may be with the license/dongle, as an initial clean install sees the Canon printer and all the initial setup points towards everything working but after finalising setup no license is displayed and the software no longer recognises the printer.

    I've tried both manual and automatic registration, with the result always showing as positive, but the license itself never seems to get applied.


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