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Thread: Bustled Fiery - Xerox Colour C60 Press - pre sale questions

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    Let's not compare apples and oranges. FFPS is a good product with a strong reputation on the market but it's not the right place to comment on it. Further more, there are engine issues being discussed here, unrelated to what the Fiery can address. Let's focus on the Fiery side of things, and if there are issues, please do not forget to contact Xerox support for assistance.

    xeroxcolourc60, I am sending you a private message so that we can also take this discussion offline.


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    Well I thought I would update.

    I eventually went for a demo of the fiery external and fiery integrated.
    Met a nice lady from my concessionaire and a guy from efi. To be honest and no offence
    to anyone - the fiery didn't impress me much. I already have the tools to do what it can do.

    However I was impressed by the fully specced igen sitting over the other side of the building looking awesome and dominating, I wanted to go and play with it !

    We shall now carry on printing with just a postscript kit and various software as we have done for many years.

    Thanks for all the relies to my threads here.

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