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Thread: Color profiler scan not detecting patches

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    Default RE: Color profiler scan not detecting patches

    Hi Dan. Not sure what is going on. ES-2000 won't scan calibration patches? Are you making a new calset then a new profile? Please try this in CPS (I think you have it?). Use Express Profiler to make calibration set and profile. Does that work? Then we'll go back to figuring out whats happening with calibrator.

    you can also always download the i1 diagnostic from X-Rite to make sure the specro is working. Finally if you have a black USB cable like the on that came with it this may work better than the silver translucent USB cables that came with older i1's and the ES-1000.

    Quote Originally Posted by StarDigital View Post
    Xerox 1000, EX-1000, CWS 5.7 FCPS 4.7

    I am trying to create a new profile, but it doesn't recognize movement as i move the ES-2000 over the patches; when i immediately use the es-2000 in CWS:Spotcolor to see if the device works it won't. I unplug then replug the ES-2000 back in and recalibrate in CWS and it works but color profiler ruins this calibration when it recalibrates because i had to replug the ES-2000.

    Anyone have any idea what is going on?


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    Hi lou,

    I mentioned this right before your post, i was using the wrong carriage, the one without the zebra stripes. When i used the right one everything worked as it should.


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