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Thread: -HELP- Command WorkStation 5 Error when printing ("findresource")

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    Default -HELP- Command WorkStation 5 Error when printing ("findresource")

    System Information: -SharpMX-6500
    Fiery Hot Folders: -Version

    Command WorkStation: -Version
    Fiery Graphic Arts Package: -Version .1

    Error Detail:
    Job Errors
    Orientation Binder Compiled
    PS undefinedresource error, offending command "findresource"

    More Information:
    We are building a binder with tabs and several different things using Fiery impose and Compose. We have used this application in the same way before to make other binders with no issues.
    The document is 163 pages long. Every time we go to print it only prints the first 57pages then gives us the above error.
    If we try and print only pages 57-163 it will print pages 53-57 then stop. We have rebuilt this job from scratch multiple time with the same results. We have rebooted our computer and are printer along with the Fiery Server. We have also ran all updates we could find.
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