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Thread: Booklets without Staples

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    Default Booklets without Staples

    I'm trying to run folded saddle stitch booklets without staples. It works fine with the staples turned on but when I turn off the staples the folded books come out in 3 un-collated sections requiring manually collation of the sets. The booklet is only 12 sheets so its not out of specs for the folder and as I stated before it folds all sheets together and staples when I have the stapler turned on. Not sure what I can do as I don't see any other settings related to folding and stitching. Any help is appreciated.

    Server Info follows:
    Server Info
    	Product: Canon iPR Server A1300 V1.0(US)
    	Version: 1.01
    	Software: 10
    	Memory (MB): 3072
    	Disk Size (GB): 399.8
    	Free Disk Space (GB): 386.8
    Server Setup
    	Server Name: Julian
    	Server Language: English - US
    	Date Format: mm/dd/yyyy
    	Number Format: 1000 = 1,000.00
    	Measurement Units: Inches
    	Default Paper Sizes: Inches
    	Color Region: North America
    	Time Zone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
    	Daylight saving: Yes
    	Enable SNTP: No
    	Password Enabled: Yes
    	Allow printing from: All users
    	Use Character Set: Macintosh
    	Enable Scan: Yes
    		Default File Format: PDF
    		Clear Each Scan Job: After 1 day
    	Print Start Page: No
    	Preview While Processing: No
    	Enable Rip While Receive: Yes
    	Secure Erase: No
    	Enable Printed Queue: Yes
    		Jobs saved in Printed Queue: 99
    	Enable Mismatch Action: No
    	Enable Hot Folders: Yes
    	Enable Remote Desktop: No
    	Job Log Setup
    		Enable auto export: No
    		Job Log Page Size: Letter/A4
    		Secure Job Log: Yes
    	Enable System Updates: Yes
    		Day: Daily
    		Time: 03:00 AM
    		Fiery System Updates: Send notification when updates are available
    		Fiery Application Updates: Send notification when updates are available
    		Enable Proxy: No
    	Fiery OS: Windows 7 Professional
    	Installed Fiery Utilities
    		Fiery Command WorkStation:
    		Fiery SeeQuence:
    		Fiery Printer Delete Utility:
    		Fiery Remote Scan:
    		Fiery Ticker:
    		Fiery Hot Folders:
    Network Setup
    	Port Setup
    			Enable Ethernet: Yes
    			Ethernet Address: 00:E0:81:E9:7C:FF
    			Ethernet Speed: Auto (10/100/1000)
    		802.1x Setup
    			Enable 802.1x Authentication: No
    	Protocol Setup
    		Enable AppleTalk: No
    		IPv4 Setup
    			Ethernet Setup
    				Enable Auto IP Configuration: No
    				IP Address:
    				Subnet mask:
    				Auto Gateway Address: No
    				Gateway Address:
    				Enable DHCP: No
    			DNS Setup
    				Get DNS setting automatically: No
    				Primary DNS server IP addrs:
    				Secondary DNS srvr IP addrs: 
    				Domain name: snowman.local
    				Host name: Julian
    			WINS Setup
    				Use WINS Server: No
    			Security Setup
    				IP Filtering: No
    				Enable IPv6 Filter: No
    				IP Port Setup: Yes
    					20-21(FTP): Enabled
    					25(SMTP): Enabled
    					80(HTTP): Enabled
    					135(MS RPC): Enabled
    					137-139(NETBIOS): Enabled
    					161-162(SNMP): Enabled
    					427(SLP): Enabled
    					443(SSL): Enabled
    					445(SMB/IP): Enabled
    					500(ISAKMP): Enabled
    					515(LPD): Enabled
    					631(IPP): Enabled
    					3389(RDP): Enabled
    					4500(IPSec): Enabled
    					5353(mDNS): Enabled
    					5900(VNC): Enabled
    					6310(Direct Mobile Printing): Enabled
    					8080(RUI): Enabled
    					9100-9103(Raw): Enabled
    					EFI Ports: Enabled
    					Canon Ports: Enabled
    					Other Ports: Deny All Ports
    				IPSec Setup: No
    		Enable IPv6: Yes
    			IP Address(es)
    	Service Setup
    		Enable LPD: Yes
    			Default LPD queue: Print Queue
    		Enable Windows Printing: Yes
    			Server Name: Julian
    			Server Comments: 
    			Domain or Workgroup: WORKGROUP
    		Enable Web Services: Yes
    		Enable IPP: Yes
    		Enable Direct Mobile Printing: No
    		Enable Port 9100: Yes
    			9100 Queue: Print
    		Enable Email Services: No
    		Scan to Email: Yes
    		Enable Scan to FTP: No
    		Enable FTP Printing: No
    		Use FTP Passive mode: No
    		Enable SNMP: Yes
    			Security Level: Medium
    		Enable LDAP: No
    		Enable SLP: Yes
    			Scope: Default
    		Enable Proxy: No
    		Enable Bonjour: Yes
    			Bonjour Service Name: Canon iPR Server A1300 V1.0(US)
    			Preferred Printing Protocol: LPD
    PrintMe Setup
    	Enable PrintMe: Yes
    		Subscription: Included
    		PrintMe ID: 544411
    		Valid Up To: 06/30/2016
    		Version: 1.0.1
    		Enable Proxy: No
    JDF Setup
    	Fiery JDF Version::
    	Enable JDF: No
    Printer Setup
    	Calibration Info
    		Measurement Method: INSTR_GR_EYE2
    		Calibration page layout: 34 Sorted Patches
    		Prepare scanner for ColorCal calibration: Off
    		Personality: Auto
    		Publish Direct Connection: Yes
    		Publish Print Queue: Yes
    		Publish Hold Queue: Yes
    		Rip all then print: No
    	Published Virtual Printers
    		Canon hold
    		Canon print
    		Canon direct
    	Sequential Print
    		Enable Sequential Print: No
    	PS Setup
    		Allow Courier substitution: Yes
    		Print to PS error: No
    		Default paper sizes: US
    		Print cover page: No
    		Convert paper sizes: No
    		Scale to fit: Off
    		Color graphics/Line control: Prioritize color
    		Resolution: 600dpi
    		Print master: No
    		Cache PDF and PS objects: Off
    	Print Form Setup
    		Copies: 1
    		2-Sided Printing: Off
    		Sorter Mode: Collate without Shift
    		Sharpness: Normal
    		Halftone: Standard
    		Gradation Smoothing: Off
    		Advanced Smoothing: Off
    		Density Fine Adjustment: Normal
    		Image Compression: Normal
    		Toner Saving: Off
    	PCL Setup
    		Default orientation: Portrait
    		Form length: 60.00
    		Font size (pt): 12.00
    		Font pitch (char/in): 10.00
    		Symbol set: PC_8
    		Font source: Internal
    		Font number: 0
    		Paper size for system pages: US
    	Color Setup
    		RGB Source Profile: sRGB (PC)
    		Rendering Intent: Photographic
    		CMYK Source Profile: GRACoL2006 Coated1 (EFI)
    		CMYK Processing Method: Full (Output GCR)
    		Separate RGB/Lab to CMYK source: Off
    		Output Profile: Snowman_9_15_14_Julian
    		Use Media Defined Profile: Off
    		Black Text and Graphics: Pure Black On
    		Black Overprint (for pure black): Text
    		Spot Color Matching: On
    		RGB Gray Processing: Off
    		CMYK Gray Processing: Off
    		Use embedded profile when present (RGB): Off
    		Use embedded profile when present (CMYK): Off
    	VDP Setup
    		FreeForm 1 Record Length: FreeForm Master
    		Parse number of records while spooling: 10
    	Native Document Setup
    		Enable Native Document Conversion: No
    	Adobe PDF Print Engine
    		Enable Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE): Yes
    			PDF Print Engine preferred: No
    		Enable Set Page Device Mapping: No
    	BIOS Setup
    		BIOS Version: 1.23 10/26/2012
    		Installed Options
    			Fiery Graphic Arts Package ver.1
    Printer Info
    	Hardware Information
    		Version: 1.00/1/0x0033
    	Device Information
    		Device Model: iPR C6010
    		Serial Number: RHH00554/RGU00506/RGY00615
    		Language English 
    		Device Boot ROM Version : 82.03
    		Device System Version: 91.03
    		Device Function ID: 1001640093FC406890588BCED09E60B2
    		Device Function Version: 05.00
    		Printer Version: 74.01
    		Scanner Version: --.--
    		Finisher Version: 06.01
    		Feeder Version: --.--
    			Canon POD Deck-A1
    			Canon Saddle Finisher-AJ2
    		I/F Module version: 4.21.00/
    Printer Installed Options
    	POD deck-A1
    	Saddle finisher-AJ2

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    I'm pretty sure that when you turn off staple, it does nothing to the ordering or collation settings from the Fiery side.

    This sounds like something you may want to escalate up to Canon.

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    As far as I know it might be a printer restriction. Sounds curious, I know, but our Xerox DC250/252 show the same effect.

    A xerox tech told me that the finisher just can't handle unstapled booklets with more than three sheets of paper. They refused to escalate it and I simply accepted that
    IC-306 v3.01 FS100 Pro / KM C6000, IC-308 v2.1 FS150 Pro / KM C71hc / SD-513, IC-414 / KM C754
    CWS 5.8 SP2, Windows 10 x64

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    Quote Originally Posted by oxident View Post
    As far as I know it might be a printer restriction. Sounds curious, I know, but our Xerox DC250/252 show the same effect.

    A xerox tech told me that the finisher just can't handle unstapled booklets with more than three sheets of paper. They refused to escalate it and I simply accepted that
    He was right, if he escalated it they would have immediately denied the escalation and he knew it (most likely from experience).
    The booklet tends to not stay together inside the finisher when you get more than 5 sheets folded without a staple to hold it together, and as soon as the pages start to slip the sensor(s) in the finisher see it as a possible issue because paper sensors are getting tripped too soon, or too late, or both. So it stops feeding paper, which effectively jams the paper requiring you to remove all the sheets in the machine and start over.

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