Hi all,

We have a Xerox C75 with the Integrated Fiery Controller in an office environment with printer shares deployed via a Windows 2008 server. Every time the clocks change we get a significant slowdown in the performance of the print driver. The slowdown occurs when opening the printer properties UI and is also slower when pressing print and waiting for the application to return to other tasks.

I have seen this issue mentioned on the forum a few times but have not seen anything in the way of proper fix.

I cannot see anything in the way of patches or new drivers for the C75 EXi that claim to resolve the problem.

This morning i have used the Fiery printer delete utility to remove the printer from a single user's machine and then re-added from the server. This seems to have improved the performance. We are now faced with doing this about 100 more times - which is not a satisfactory solution.

Can anyone suggest a better approach? What if we use the print delete utility to remove the server's driver and then recreate the share- would that fix it?

We have already turned off all the two-way communication options in the driver - this was done in the first few days after install due to the slow speed of the driver UI.

Any suggestions appreciated.