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Thread: How to make work remain on hold and not print directly

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    Default How to make work remain on hold and not print directly

    in the previous version of Command WorkStation had installed two versions of the printer, which was direct printing and another that allowed to make changes in the dialog box fiery , but new to Yosemite is not the same gender, and I need that files remain nesting in the dialog box before printing , as change that?

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    This is an easy one.

    In System Preferences > Printers & Scanners, add a printer [+]

    In the Add dialog, select the IP icon. Enter the Fiery's IP address; for Protocol, select Line Printer Daemon-LPD; and -- this is the important part -- for Queue, type in the word hold

    Type in a Name, by which this printer will be known in MacOS wherever it shows up. Location is optional. Next to Use:, choose "Select Software..." and from the list that shows up, choose the correct selection for your particular Fiery.

    Then click Add.

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