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Thread: E22b PostScript printing web pages with header and footer cut off

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    Default E22b PostScript printing web pages with header and footer cut off

    My customer has a Fiery E22b connected to a Ricoh C5100S. When printing web pages from IE9, header and footer cut off. Selecting Fit to Print has no effect. Setting the size to 97% will make the page print with the header and footer. Tried setting website to compatibility mode in IE, still prints wrong. Tried multiple websites, still prints wrong. Tried IE8, still has the same problem. When the same page is printed via the Fiery PCL6 driver, no problem. Customer wants to use Postscript. Fiery has latest patches. Any ideas?

    Update: Customer was using custom headers/footers in Excel docs. Using a standard header/footer or moving the custom header/footer down/up a line solved Excel issue. Still having a problem with some IE 9 users having header/footer cut off when printing via PS driver. Same websites will print ok with Chrome and PS driver. I will have users check add-ons and Java versions.
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    Default Same Here

    Has anyone solved this problem yet? I have the same issue with a customer.
    Jason Murphy

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