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    I am running on a Microsoft Windows XP with Fiery Command Workstation 4 and we are printing to a Xerox 700 and a Xerox C75. When I login to the Workstation I am unable to login as administrator on the C75 only as operator but I can on the 700. Also I can try to print jobs from the computer but they will only print to the 700 and will not even begin to spool or process for the 75. I believe if I could login as admin I could clear the previous jobs to be able to print. There is a bunch of jobs in the spooling screen that I believe is causing part of the issue. Also I work on a Mac and can print jobs to the C75 with no issues at all and I can go to the printed jobs folder on the Workstation and pull those jobs up on the PC and print those from the Mac that have already printed? Is this a issue with the Workstation or another possible computer issue? I find it strange that I can print fine to the 700 and go to printed jobs from other computers and print but not ones selected on the PC. I was able to print fine a few weeks ago but wondering if there was a update to the C75 that may have caused a change.

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    Hi lamcraft,
    The challenges you are experiencing with CWS 4 and the C75 is expected. I am actually surprised that you can even connect to the C75 with version 4. CWS 4 is not supported with the C75. in order to utilize functionality of the C75 through CWS, you will need to be on CWS version 5.6 or greater.

    When you say printing from Windows, are you speaking of printing from the PC, do you mean through CWS or from a print driver? If from a print driver, how are you connected (SMB, TCP/IP,). If through CWS, please update CWS to the most recent and I believe you should find this matter resolved.


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