I am running on a Microsoft Windows XP with Fiery Command Workstation 4 and we are printing to a Xerox 700 and a Xerox C75. When I login to the Workstation I am unable to login as administrator on the C75 only as operator but I can on the 700. Also I can try to print jobs from the computer but they will only print to the 700 and will not even begin to spool or process for the 75. I believe if I could login as admin I could clear the previous jobs to be able to print. There is a bunch of jobs in the spooling screen that I believe is causing part of the issue. Also I work on a Mac and can print jobs to the C75 with no issues at all and I can go to the printed jobs folder on the Workstation and pull those jobs up on the PC and print those from the Mac that have already printed? Is this a issue with the Workstation or another possible computer issue? I find it strange that I can print fine to the 700 and go to printed jobs from other computers and print but not ones selected on the PC. I was able to print fine a few weeks ago but wondering if there was a update to the C75 that may have caused a change.