Color profiles created by Color profiler suite 4 (Media Whitepoint adjusted)
Xerox 1000 color press

I have an odd, reoccurring, problem. I save local and server preset that have the color profile selected rather than "Use Media Defined Profile". Whenever i apply the preset to a file and my default profile in [ Device Center - Color Setup - Output Profile ] is not the profile used in the preset, it takes the default setting instead. Also, i switch the default to the correct paper profile but don't go into the [ Device Center - Resources - Spot Colors ], and the colors remain with the previous output profile. It changes only after i load the Spot Colors Tab. You can see it switch up at the top beside the [ Properties ] Box. If the reload or refresh can occur at the Default profile change screen that might be better.

Second i thought having the preset drop-down box located in the spot colors tab might be much handier than loading up the entire properties screen to get to the preset drop-down box.

Thank you