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Thread: Warning do not install java 8 on fiery servers.

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    Default Warning do not install java 8 on fiery servers.

    It prevented Stock Library Manager from running.

    First I tried to do a Windows Restore to Tuesday and that caused even more problems. Returned it back to today. Everything would run ok but still the same script error when trying run the Stock Library Manager. Ran CHKDSK and SFC with no errors reported. Then decided to look at Programs and Features for what was installed yesterday. Sure enough Java 8 show up. Uninstalled it and now Stock Library Manager will run again.

    How it got installed automatically I have to find out as I thought I had that turned off. So now I waste most of the day on effen Windows BS.

    First company that come out with a Unix/Linux print server I am going to take serious look at. I am so damn tired of putting up with Windows.

    PS: I found this and now I know why it updated.
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