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Thread: Fiery Dashboard displays

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    Default Fiery Dashboard displays

    Several things:

    Daylight savings didn't kick in to the time on the dashboard. It updated at 8:11am but my clock was 9:11am I didn't see anyplace for the dashboard to grab the time zone but in the passports Zip code which is correct

    when i select a certain day (like Today) i shows processing activity at midnight (12am) when i know for a fact the machine was not active then. Could that be processing the Dashboard information packet i see flipping through every couple minutes? If so then i suggest that packet not count in the process list. Or make it a separate item that can be disabled.

    Could you put in real time printing data? I have a xerox 1000 and it goes fast. I'd like to see data on how many sheets were printed in an hour / how fast the printer was printing for each job / things like that. Because printing flat letter/tabloid and printing booklets produces different speeds on the printer. I have the fiery ticker on all the time to watch for lagging in prints, this app could be a source to grab this info from.

    thank you

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    Hi Dan. Thanks for the feedback and the suggested metrics! For the DST question: has the Fiery been updated to the correct time?

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