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Thread: Authorize/Deauthorize

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    Default Authorize/Deauthorize

    I created an account to try the Dashboard and now that I realize it's something we could utilize I created a second account (generic) so we could connect all of our printers to it.

    We currently have 3 printers with CWS 5.6. 1 is running Fiery System 10, the last 2 are running Fiery System 9Rel2 AND 2 printers with CWS 5.5 running Fiery System 100PRO.

    Each printer has it's own Fiery Server/CWS.

    I am currently having trouble trying to de-authorize the first account created and authorize the second (generic) account. It goes through all the motions (DeAuthorizing Successful / Authorizing Successful) but if I go back it still shows the first account listed.

    Is there a specific sequence needed to do this?

    Also what would be the easiest way to set these up so we can collect data from all printers to one account.
    It does not seem to let me Authorize more then one Computer to the same account. Should it?

    Thank You.

    Kurt F
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    Default Older data not displaying

    After a little more research I realized the errors of my way.

    I was able to Authorize a single CSW PC using the generic account and then connect to all the servers from that one. Now I am seeing all the Servers listed.

    Although I have a new question.

    Why is it when I select a range of 30 days it will only display a date starting with 02/24/15?

    We have been running these machines for 3+ months now.

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    Thanks for the feedback Kurt. If you authorize Fiery Dashboard for the first time the data collector will gather data from 2 weeks earlier at most. This is a feature, not a bug ;-)

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