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Thread: Daylight Savings connection failure

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    Default Daylight Savings connection failure

    IC-413 Fiery controller on a Konica Minolta C7000 printer we installed in January, 2014. Twice each year, when the clocks shift between standard & daylight savings time, connections to the printer drop out. 50 end users. After 3 days with flaky print connections, in both March and again in October, I edited the registry on each PC, one-at-a-time, until I was able to remove the unusable connections to the printer. This weekend, I expect the same problems, but I do not look forward to editing the registry.

    As I understand it, there is a conflict between the EFI controller firmware and Microsoft authentication. Last March, we tried everything that was suggested:
    1. updated the Fiery firmware.
    2. applied the Microsoft patch.

    Fingers point to digital certificates and/or DLL libraries that test time offsets. The problem resurfaced in October, and nothing has been done to prevent it from happening again at 2am, Sunday, March 8.

    Our service provider says the problem plagues 80% of their customers with Fiery RIPs, using different brands of copiers. A Google search of “Fiery failure DST” yields hits as far back as 2006. We received a Powerpoint from one of your engineers, stating that a combination of MS patches and EFI firmware would solve the problem, but the steps did not work for us. I attached a PDF from EFI blaming Microsoft. Whatever that means! I want to use the Fiery controller; I need to solve this problem; and I cannot do it without help.

    Network environment
    50 Windows 7 x64 workstations, Windows Server 2008 R2 (printserver) on a VM server. We deploy the C7000/Fiery printer through a per-user GPO, to give users the privilege to install drivers. We do not use roaming profiles. Most PCs have been used by multiple domain users, logged on with local profiles.

    In March, 2014, connections to the new printer started to fail when the time changed to DST. We applied the Fiery firmware and confirmed that all our client workstations already had the requisite Microsoft patch. Users reported printer connection failures getting worse (rather than better) over the next few days.
    We tried to remove the “GPO deployed printer connection,” but simply “disconnecting” the printer connection (from the command line) fails because the “printer is in use.”
    In October, 2014, with the EFI firmware in place already (before the time change), we again lost printer connections.

    Possible workaround
    Until EFI provides a real solution, I am willing to live with a temporary workaround – to try to disconnect the printer connection for one user on each PC on Friday, March 6, and to leave the C7000 disconnected until after the time change. We would live without the use of our network color printer over the time change, if it would enable us to restore the printer connection again Sunday morning. What is the efficacy of the alternative approaches to removing a connection – change the GPO deployment, delete the user profile, edit the registry?

    1. I would like to test the workaround. Can you suggest a way to simulate the time change?
    2. Why was I able to restore printing functionality only after thoroughly editing the registry?
    3. Most of our PCs have a primary user, but we permit other users to log on to the same PC.
    I have a hunch that a significant part of the problem – the reason the printer connection failures snowball a few days after the time change – is that secondary users log in to affected PCs using an old user profile that references the old printer connection. The time stamps on the two connections conflict.
    1. Would it be sufficient to remove the printer connection for the primary user on each PC?
    2. Is it necessary to remove the printer connection for every user with a profile on each PC, or just one?
    3. Would it be necessary or effective to delete the profiles of all secondary profiles on each PC?
    I would dearly appreciate suggestions on how to either solve the problem, or collect information that will be useful in solving the problem?
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