Command WorkStation
Windows 7
Fiery EB-1357
Richo Pro 1357ex

Command workstation Printer installed options :
Twin interposer
Finisher SR5020
Large capacity tray

Installed options in under Windows printer drivers:
Finisher SR5020
Large capacity tray
punch unit 2 and 4 holes
twin interposer

Hi fellow printers

I have a Richo Pro 1357ex and the punch function works fine when sending jobs via windows.
When I drop PDFs into Command Workstation and select properties on the document I can select the punch option (left, right, top) but all punch hole options are greyed out.
I've looked for a way in install a punch unit within workstation but I'm TOTALLY stumped.
Any help would be appreciated. I'll be on here all day if you need any more info.