I have a customer with a Xerox 770 and a Xerox 560. The 770 is running system 10 (Windows 7) and the 550 is running system 9 Rel2 (XP) Fiery server.

I have a problem whereby the system 9 server attached to the 550 crashes as soon as a .dbp is processed which has been imposed on the System 10 server on the 770 and transferred.

The 550 Fiery was reloaded from scratch as part of the install and is fully patched and is the 770. Both servers are running the same version of Fiery Extended Apps (CWS version and both have the sameversion of Adobe Acrobat Pro (9.1.0)

If the same imposition settings are used on the 560 and the job is transferred to the 770, the System 10 server process the file without fault.

Not all imposition settings cause the crash. Sending the same file with no imposition or as a .dbp file with no impose settings causes no issue. Also, a flattened pdf seems to work.

Is this a compatibility issue between the 2 versions of server software, or is there some other reason for it?