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Thread: Dashboard Sample and Detailed Features

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    Default Dashboard Sample and Detailed Features

    Before I ask our IT department to go through the motions of creating the required dashboard accounts, passwords, permissions, etc., is it possible to get some screen capture samples of what all the dashboard shows, and maybe a detailed list of features?
    I have to make the case to management before requesting something like this without knowing what exactly it does and how we can benefit from it.

    I.e., what do all the widgets show us, and how can they help us?

    Thanks in advance

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    We have redesigned our website at www.efi.com. One of the improvements is a more detailed description of the Dashboard functionality. To see screenshot samples of each widget, go to
    http://www.efi.com/products/fiery-se...oard/overview/, click on Resources toward the bottom of the page, and select the link to take the Fiery Dashboard Visual Tour.

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