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Thread: Setting Media Types, JDF, Fiery and MIS

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    Default Setting Media Types, JDF, Fiery and MIS

    I got zero responses in the Digital Storefront (DSF) Forum for this question, and no answers from support, so I am posting here hoping some kind person can help.

    I want to be consistent in how media appears and is referenced throughout DSF, Fiery devices, MIS and JDF ticketing.
    I have inserted a screen capture of 'Media Types' included in the DSF installed media catalog.

    Before I continue, let me say that in DSF Admin Help under "Managing Media - The Media Catalog",, there is this admonition:
    "Adding new media types and colors is not recommended. When sending data to the MicroPress, External System Connector, an MIS, or the Fiery, new media types are sent as “Paper” and some colors may be sent as “White.” This is for backward compatibility with previous versions of those external systems."

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    I just don't see the logic in some of these 'Type' settings, and could find nothing online or in EFI's documentation to help describe the purpose and usage. So I have listed a few concerns:

    1) I don't consider 'White' a media type
    2) Why have just Coated / Glossy? Why not Coated / Dull, Matte, Satin, etc.?
    3) Why not have both C2S Gloss Cover or Dull Text media?
    4) I found it odd that there are 'Envelope', 'EnvelopePlain' and 'EnvelopeWindow'.
    Until I read that I shouldn't add new media types, I was getting ready to delete 'Envelope', then create a new Envelope Type 'EnvelopeRegular' to replace 'EnvelopePlain', as we have long referred to envelopes as 'Regular' or 'Window'. There are likely other changes I would like to make, and these would all impact both 'Description' and 'JDF Media Type Name'.
    5) Also, we refer to 'Coverstock' as simply 'Cover', and if you just look at the listed types, you could have a media that is both 'Coated / Glossy' and 'Coverstock'.

    Is there best practice reference material available for setting up media properly to minimize JDF mapping issues and be consistent?
    Are there recommended JDF standards for media types, especially as they relate to Fiery Servers?

    Finally, we are currently using PSI, but may move to Pace -- we don't want to reinvent the wheel when it comes to populating the media catalog we will use throughout our print shop.

    Thanks very much to anyone in advance.
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