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Thread: Importing backups

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    Default Importing backups


    Using CWS5 on a fiery 500 as per post Masters (how to delete)

    We are unable to delete the masters - we have followed a couple of suggestions to remove/reset all masters so that the Fiery will no longer crash when trying to use masters. No Luck.

    We have been unable to get access to anyone with the necessary internal knowlege of the Fiery. Before we start yet another re-install, how about importing settings from another Fiery? Will this overwrite our current corrupt (or missing) masters?

    We are not trying to save our present masters, just to kill every MF last one of them.

    Any printable suggestions gratefully received.

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    You didn't mention which backup you are referring to. If you are referring to the Backup & Restore function in the Server menu of CWS, if would first depend on whether the backup would include VDP resources. This was not available on all Fierys. You would also have to make the backup from an identical Fiery model and version and even then, since you are not restoring on the same Fiery that the backup was created on, there is the possibility of unintended side effects.

    Another option, since Clear Server is not working, would be to use the cleanup.bat file that is available on most Windows based Fierys. This is located in E:\EFI\server\spool\cleanup.bat. Before using this, note that this will delete ALL jobs that are on the Fiery, so use this carefully! If there are any jobs you want to keep, make sure they are archived to an external location, then copied to a safe place so they can be imported later. When you are ready, double click the file which will make a thorough cleanup. Hopefully, this will clear the corrupted files. If it does not, then the next alternative would be to reinstall system software.

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    Thank you.

    Fiery is now allowing me to create and use masters.

    Much better than having to reinstal again.

    It did throw a few assertions but seems to be hanging in there.


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