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Thread: Black and White will not print

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    Default Black and White will not print

    I have a pdf document with both color and non-color images. When I print this document in VUE, color enabled, the B&W images come out very distorted. When I try to print with “Print Back and White” in the color selection tab, nothing happens; it will not print B&W. I’ve tried this on two separate computers to the same effect.

    I attempted to attached a sample but even though the file is only about 3.5mb, the uploader will not allow me to add it.

    Konica Minolta C364 Multifunction Printer
    FieryVUE Version 1.3.I
    Fiery E100-4365
    Windows 7 64-bit & Windows XP 32-bit

    Thank you,

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    We are really sorry about the inconvenience.
    Could you please send the file to yusuke.kondo@efi.com?
    We'd like to investigate what's causing the issue.

    Thank you!

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