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Thread: DC250 Fiery Upgrade v1.2

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    Default DC250 Fiery Upgrade v1.2

    I have purchased an used Xerox DocuColor 250 machine with built in Fiery v.1.1. Now I want to upgrade to Version 1.2. Where can I get this upgrade?
    Ich habe eine gebraucht Xerox DocuColor 250 mit eingebauter Fiery Version 1.1. Jetzt möchte ich gerne das Upgrade auf Version 1.2 machen. Wo kann ich dieses Upgrade herbekommen?

    Johannes Arnstadt

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    I got this update from our Xerox dealer a couple of years ago and I would definitely NOT DO THIS AGAIN!

    After we've upgraded the system to 1.2, our Fierys crashed randomly while ripping and/or printing. In the end, Xerox told us that version 1.2 isn't really compatible with the revision of our DC250s (?) and they've sold us two DC252

    So if you really wish to do this upgrade, you need to ask the Xerox support for it ... and make sure, you have to 1.1 software in order to undo it
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    I've upgraded a few of thoose.... no problem there ... HOWEVER driver support for Windows 7 is bugged at best ... its really not supported any longer ...
    applications wont communicate properly with this device....
    I think I have the software lying in a closet somewhere ...

    be aware that the DC250 is an older generation than DC252 and the two corresponding DFE's are NOT using same systems or even version numbers.

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