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Thread: Problems printing grey type

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    Default Problems printing grey type

    Hello every one,

    I am a digital printer using a xerox x700dp1 with fiery command workstation 5.06. We are running into an issue where anytime we print grey type the color fades at the top of the letters. This problem occurs on all files with light grey type. Does any one have a solution for this problem. Customers are starting to get pretty angry at this point. I have attempted changing image quality from best to normal, I've tried changing screen mode and I have turned text/graphics edge enhancements on and off. The greys are not pantone colors and are only solid( not gradient )cmyk builds. If any one has any advice I would really appreciate it.


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    When you process and hold a job, and then you right click it, do you have the option for Imageviewer? That's a view of the rasterized job.

    If you can see a job in Imageviewer, it will tell you how the Fiery rasterized the job. If the Fiery rasterized the job correctly, then there's nothing for the Fiery to do. That would mean it's an engine issue.

    Regardless, this is a call to your Xerox service provider to track this down. There are many, many possible reasons for this--and only a few of them relate to the Fiery. Only your service provider, who can look at the system as a whole and who has access to Xerox's information on engine hardware and firmware and Xerox-branded Fiery software, can help you track this down.

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