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Thread: Halftone angle correction in Fiery?

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    Default Halftone angle correction in Fiery?

    I have been noticing issues with print quality and ran a series of tests.

    The issue turned out to be with the halftone pattern applied in the RIP.

    We are running a Canon C6000 Imagepress with an A1100 server.

    The gradation adjustment prints printed straight out of the machine do not have a pattern or any issues, so I know it is not the printer at fault.

    The issue arises when the pattern is applied in the RIP.

    The worst and most obvious issue, is that there is magenta in the yellow channel.

    The lesser, but still serious issue is that the yellow and magenta channels seem to use the same angle. The red and blue channels are also at the same angle.

    (here is a scan of the pattern)

    How do I remove the magenta from the yellow channel, what angles should the RIP be applying and how do I adjust to those angles?
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