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Thread: Black appears to be screened?

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    Default Black appears to be screened?

    Hi there I was hoping someone would be able to help with this but first let me list a few details that will most likely be needed or requested.

    Printer: Ricoh 901
    Fiery: 9rel2
    Software: InDesign CS6, Photoshop 5.1, Acrobat 9 Pro, Pitstop

    So the deal is trying to print 100% K fills.

    This is a test I set up to mimic the situation I have found myself in with some jobs that have either come through or that we have set up in house. I created a doc in PS with a 100% K fill then saved it two different ways. One as a PDF/X 4 and one as a tiff both tagged with SWOP. Then I create a doc in InDesign and build a box on the top half with a 100% K fill underneath it some black text, then place the box I created in PS underneath that. Again save the doc as PDF/X 4 and drag to the hold.

    End result is the box and type created in InDesign are solid black, dark, and using only K toner (clicks as black). However the box on the bottom appears washed and under a loop appears to have a screen say 95%+ screen.

    It seems that raster objects with a 100% K fill print with a screen and vector objects/text print solid.

    Before I go on I will leave it at that and see if anybody has any suggestions in resolving the screening issue I'm running into. If anybody has a 901 and running same version of rip, could you please try this test and see if you get the same results? BTW asked techs and they have no idea said it is what it is basically.

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