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Thread: Impose Double Sided but only one side with variable data

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    Default Impose Double Sided but only one side with variable data

    Hi All

    I am trying to setup double sided printing on our Xerox J75 for a job that is an A5 double sided with variable data on one side and the same image on reverse (mailable Postcard).

    We can use the Impose tool with the Fiery to do this job single sided with 4 up A5 printed on SRA3 with variable data. We print this first and then feed material back in to do reverse but can we setup the layout so one side of the SRA3 is unique and on reverse is the same?


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    What you are describing sounds like standard Variable Data Printing (VDP). You didn't mention which Fiery make and model you have or whether you have a VDP application. You should be able to accomplish your goal using Free Form.

    There are some How To guides posted at Choose the System Software version of your Fiery (this can be found in the General tab of the Device Center in CWS) and you should be able to find a useful guide in the Variable Data section, including a guide for VDP postcards.

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    We use two methods to acheive this.

    1. We use Printshop Mail to set up multiple page PDF documents then we use a hotfolder to step that document to the desired 'out' of an SRA3 sheet.

    2. we set a stepped up PDF as a free form master then use a Word to mail merge the data.

    The first option is the easiest but obviosly you would need to buy software. but once you have set up a template its plain sailing from there

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