Its not the first time I come across hot folders that are grayed out and cannot be deleted... This usually ends up in reloading the whole thing and I thought, that's a waste, surely that listbox is just an xml file somewhere.... And down the rabbit hole I went, with Mark Russinovich's Process Monitor guiding me to the right file... Turns out its easy to fix that, takes a couple of minutes. So here you go. Enjoy...Fiery Hot Folders That Cannot Be Deleted...

View it here:

Or read it... and download the video attached!

Takes 2 minutes.

0-In Windows, first you need to see the extensions and hidden folders first.
So in Control Panel type ‘show hidden’ in the search box at the top right and go from there….

1-Then you completely close (system tray as well) the hot folder app.
Open up Windows explorer on the left and a Notepad on the right.

2-Drag and drop in Notepad the following file <user>/AppData/Local/hotfolder/HotFolderList.cfg

You’ll get something like this:

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”utf-8”?>
<HotFolder path=”some path\hot folder 1 name” />
<HotFolder path=”some path\hot folder 2 name” />
<HotFolder path=”some path\hot folder 3 name” />
<HotFolder path=”some path\hot folder 4 name” />

3-Simply delete all the broken hot folder entries. In the case above, presuming they’re all broken, the result would be:

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”utf-8”?>

4-Save and get out and reopen Hot Folders to confirm deletion then close hot folders again.

5- Delete the troublesome hot folders using Windows (drag and drop on trash can or right click delete etc.)

6-Then restart Hot Folders.

READ THIS: well, if you want...

Know this: its usually not the Hot Folder app that's at fault. In most cases, its the firewall/antivirus sandboxing it. Comodo after installed will do this so watch out for it... EFI Q/A: try it! Once you tell the firewall/antivirus that the app is safe, normal operations resume.

Also, in the Gotcha! department, if you export from Office or Adobe apps to hot folder (which is probably not supported) remember to uncheck the 'view file after in Acrobat etc' since per Windows functionality once Acrobat opens it up the file is locked and when that happens you can have your file being submitted over and over again to the printer.

Finally, you should really run the preflight if you can since if the pdf is corrupt it may jam the hot folder and keep sending a copy over and over again. If that happens you have to disable the hot folder and ideally disconnect your internet right away so to prevent the submission of copies.