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Thread: Job Names

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    Cool Job Names

    I am liking pretty much everything about the dashboard, with one exception. The actual names of my jobs are not carried over into the dashboard... when I go back a week or so to see if a job ran well or not... all that I find are "print job1" or 2 or 3.. depending on how many I ran that day. Seems to me, the name should transfer over... just calling them print job 1, 2, 3 etc... makes knowing what you ran impossible.

    Can you tell me if a fix is in the works for this issue.


    Janet Loper

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    Janet, apologies for the late response. Thanks for your feedback and yes, we are looking on how to add the ability to see job names in Fiery Dashboard.

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    Hi Baise,

    You could use the filtered views option in the job log window in Command Workstation. Just start typing any search criteria in the top of the column, and the resulting list will be filtered.

    E.g. you could filter by the job name, and then check the 'status' and 'copies' columns to see if the job was printed, and how many copies. Or filter by date. All combinations are possible.

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