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Thread: Is there an .INI file to manually enter IP?

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    Default Is there an .INI file to manually enter IP?

    We have 50 desktops in our facility with command workstation installed on them. We have to manually enter the IP of the Xerox machine on a per user basis. This is a huge hassle for us as we have hundreds of users logging into each workstation, and different workstations on a daily basis. The "auto-find-network-printer" feature when you open up CCW does not work in our environment as our network is subnetted. Is there an .INI file located somewhere where I can manually enter the IP of our Xerox machine so ALL USERS who log into our domain are automatically connected to the Xerox when they open CCW? Thank You.

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    Should be able to help you out.
    Can you let me know which version of CWS you are installing, and onto which Operating System?

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