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Thread: Help please!!! Now desperate!!!

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    Unhappy Help please!!! Now desperate!!!

    I used to be able to calibrate my Bizhub C451 and Fiery using my Eye One Pro calibrator.

    Now the calibration within Command Workstation won;'t recognise it.

    Can anyone please help here.

    I tried the Profiler Suite demo to see if I could use it but it still wont recognise the Eye One Pro.

    Desperate . . . .


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    So it was working routinely for you doing this task, and then one day it stopped working?

    Can you think of anything that changed on your computer at about that time?

    It is possible device has failed?

    Go to:
    ...then look in "Software Downloads" fo latest diagnostic tool version.

    Install it and run it to see if it detects any errors.

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    It may be worth updating your command workstation. I've had an ES-2000 not work before with a message saying 'device error' and updating to the most recent version of cws did the trick, so may be worth a try.

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