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Thread: Imposition Templates Not Available Through Properties

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    We would appreciate this feature as well. Currently we "automatically" remove blank pages with a Pitstop Action List through Pitstop Server but for someone to buy PS Server just to remove blank pages automatically is an almost $4k answer to the problem.

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    I think this is a workable and cost saving issue. When you duplex a simplex job and ask for crop marks it will (By default) put them on both sides. You can have it put it on the front only though. However the big issue to me is that additional run through the printer printing nothing still causes a click of black, in addition to the micro usage of Yellow toner used for the Security features of printers. If you're only running a few sheets it might seem inconsequential, but if you're running thousands to many thousands this way, that can add up.

    So as i see it:
    does a printer that doesn't print on a blank side cause a click of black
    can the fiery recognize a blank side and not put crop marks on it
    Can you do a one side crop marking through Hotfolders templates


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    The user defined size in imposition template feature in hot folders works nicely on our Xerox EX560 server, but if you open the job properties of one of these jobs created by a hot folder and simply press OK and try to reprocess the job, the Fiery service just dies and exits. Does anybody else have this problem?

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    Default Fiery JobFlow

    Quote Originally Posted by Klaus View Post
    One thing that would be really great is, if you could make it so if you send a single sided eg. Business card to a Duplex Hot folder it automatically would detect that it's a one page document and then only print that page.

    It is possible that by implementing the paid version of Fiery JobFlow, one could set up rules with PitStop, to detect when a side has no content, and either select the appropriate workflow or preset, or pass it to another workflow for automatic or manual editing.
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