I know there are other threads about this, but I wanted to make a new one to impress how critical this issue is. The fact that you cannot select imposition templates that have been created in right click impose in the properties is causing us massive issues.

It's crazy that this issue hasn't been fixed yet. We have just upgraded from a Xerox 560 with a Creo server, to a Xerox J75 with the Fiery. The J75 was a huge step up, the Fiery seems to be a huge step back. On the Creo we could set up one click templates that our staff could choose and everything would print perfectly. With the Fiery we seem to be having a daily battle to get things to work properly. But the worst problem of all is the fact that Impose templates are not available through properties. I am absolutely baffled as to why this would be.

The fact is that not all the files supplied to us are perfectly made, but we have to print them. The Creo managed this no problem, but the Fiery makes us jump through hoops. It is already annoying that I have to go over to the server in order to impose jobs manually for unusual jobs (rather than doing it at my computer), without the extra frustration of having to do the same for every standard business card or leaflet job.

As the system is set up at the moment, Hot Folders, Presets and Workflows are completely useless to commercial printers like ourselves. They simply cannot be used as 95% of jobs we print are full bleed, so we HAVE TO use the User Defined page size.

I cannot tell you how urgent it is that this is fixed. Now that Xerox has stopped supporting Creo we don't have a choice. Being able to set up simple templates or workflows for very regular, standard print jobs should be the first thing you make work, not shunting it down the pile in favour of functionality that hardly anyone uses.

Incidentally, there are many other problems with the Fiery (regular transparency problems, grey boxes around bitmaps when printing greyscale, imposed sheets randomly moving off centre, lack of quick previews or thumbnails) but this is comfortably the most urgent.